Your Weakness Demonstrates His Power

You may be facing some big challenges where you are now. They may be daunting to you but not so big to Him. In the future these seemingly insurmountable problems won’t seem anywhere near as big to you. The biggest challenge you ever face is to keep going and not give up. Don’t get discouraged and don’t allow weariness or busyness to drain you. Remember that what you currently think about yourself or what you find yourself doing is not necessarily your true calling. It is just simply the run up to that leap of faith. Don’t focus on what has not happened (yet) rather focus on doing what you can do now.

Do what is in front of you, this is today’s challenge. As you learn to believe, even when nothing is apparently happening, you are preparing yourself for Him. You may feel useless and undervalued but He is building a steadfast spirit within you that will last all the days of your life. Your attitude will decide your destiny. Do not underestimate this period of time. It is crucial to what He has planned. How you respond and react is critical. It is part of His wonderful process of undoing all the lies, half-truths and misconceptions that have built up in your life over the years.

You are in the process of breaking free, so allow the process to reach its conclusion, you will be free. It is all for your benefit and the greater good. It will increase your confidence in what He has deposited in you. Your trust in Him will be much firmer. You need to see Him at work in you as well as working through you. Nothing else really matters. Everything else is a distraction to the main thing, loving Him is the main thing. Life, with all its pleasures and challenges will turn you away from Him if it could, and it can. This can happen very easily even in your ministry.

This is very deceptive especially when you feel that you are being busy for Him. At these times it is difficult to see what He really wants. When was the last time you asked Him and gave the day to Him to do as He pleases? Your ‘ministry’ can becomes your god, worshiped at the altar of performance. This has dangerous consequences, where busyness replaces relationship and performance replaces intimacy. The expression ‘cannot see the wood for the trees’ is especially apt, the good news is that He is still in the forest with you. He can still bless your ministry because of your history with Him but you are going to miss out on the greater glory. He may also bless you for the benefit of those under your charge but you may completely overlook the most important purpose to your existence, the joy of walking with Him every day.

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