Moments of Truth

This is to encourage you to get to know a God who seems so familiar yet we hardly know. This is His heart for us that we know Him. That we know His love and know we are well loved. Once you know that you can give it away. This is the first book in the Heaven’s Culture series.

This is a book that forms part of my journey in discovering our Creator and understanding what He is really like, this was started many years ago and is the first (hopefully) of a number of books. If you are interested or intrigued (and who isn’t) to know what our Creator is like. Questions like, what does He think about Me, does He like Me etc. This is not for the religious it is for those who are genuinely looking for answers, all I can say He is better than you think.

I have two version, one in PAPERBACK and one for the KINDLE. They are available from Amazon. Click on the words which will take you the Amazon page.