Heaven’s Culture

14 03, 2017

God of Grace

He is a God of grace. This grace does not come cheap neither is it free. It was paid for by the blood of Jesus. This grace is freely available. He loves to give it away and demonstrate what it looks like. His grace to you is unlimited for as long as you need it. If you stop needing His grace then it will cease flowing towards you.

To the degree that you are aware of your sin and your need determines how much you are aware of His grace towards you. His grace is sufficient to cover every situation, every circumstance and every sin.

If you are very sensitive you will often be acutely aware of your failings and your shortcomings. You may be prone to being reminded time and again where you have fallen short of even your own expectations. You may find it difficult to feel worthy of His grace. That is the point, you don’t deserve His grace, it is able to match whatever you throw at it and more besides. His grace even goes ahead of you because He is able to redeem you from every and any situation you will find yourself in. He knows you too well so don’t think He will be shocked or surprised at you. His grace is always sufficient for you. However do not make the mistake of thinking that sin doesn’t matter because grace will cover it. This is an error people can make. Some think there are no consequence to their actions. They are even able to justify or excuse it and just cover it over with grace.

At that point you don’t see the need for grace and have taken it for granted. Grace is there to forgive, cleanse and restore. It is the most powerful thing in the universe and should not be treated as a safety net to do as we please. Grace is more than a doctrine or some theology it is part of the very heart and nature of God. You are not quick witted enough to fool God, He knows your heart. Grace is extended when there is a need for it where you recognise your need for Him.

What is grace? It looks like something: It is getting what you don’t deserve and not getting what you do deserve. Just because you have messed up doesn’t mean He can’t or won’t forgive but He is able to turn any situation, any event in your life into something good.

9 03, 2017

Your Weakness Demonstrates His Power

You may be facing some big challenges where you are now. They may be daunting to you but not so big to Him. In the future these seemingly insurmountable problems won’t seem anywhere near as big to you. The biggest challenge you ever face is to keep going and not give up. Don’t get discouraged and don’t allow weariness or busyness to drain you. Remember that what you currently think about yourself or what you find yourself doing is not necessarily your true calling. It is just simply the run up to that leap of faith. Don’t focus on what has not happened (yet) rather focus on doing what you can do now.

Do what is in front of you, this is today’s challenge. As you learn to believe, even when nothing is apparently happening, you are preparing yourself for Him. You may feel useless and undervalued but He is building a steadfast spirit within you that will last all the days of your life. Your attitude will decide your destiny. Do not underestimate this period of time. It is crucial to what He has planned. How you respond and react is critical. It is part of His wonderful process of undoing all the lies, half-truths and misconceptions that have built up in your life over the years.

You are in the process of breaking free, so allow the process to reach its conclusion, you will be free. It is all for your benefit and the greater good. It will increase your confidence in what He has deposited in you. Your trust in Him will be much firmer. You need to see Him at work in you as well as working through you. Nothing else really matters. Everything else is a distraction to the main thing, loving Him is the main thing. Life, with all its pleasures and challenges will turn you away from Him if it could, and it can. This can happen very easily even in your ministry.

This is very deceptive especially when you feel that you are being busy for Him. At these times it is difficult to see what He really wants. When was the last time you asked Him and gave the day to Him to do as He pleases? Your ‘ministry’ can becomes your god, worshiped at the altar of performance. This has dangerous consequences, where busyness replaces relationship and performance replaces intimacy. The expression ‘cannot see the wood for the trees’ is especially apt, the good news is that He is still in the forest with you. He can still bless your ministry because of your history with Him but you are going to miss out on the greater glory. He may also bless you for the benefit of those under your charge but you may completely overlook the most important purpose to your existence, the joy of walking with Him every day.

8 03, 2017

God’s House

The kingdom of God is like a mansion with door, corridors and stairs. Coming into the kingdom is relatively easy, the door is open for everyone. It requires little effort on your part. You can walk straight in but once inside if you want to go through any of the other doors to any of the other rooms then you have to knock. You can just stay in the corridor if you wish but His desire is to explore. There are many doors to go through.

He wants you to experience His kingdom, to go through each of the doors you come to. There are some that take you up stairs and to places you never thought possible. You cannot force your way through, knock and it will open. Be persistent, don’t give up. You cannot just open the doors, He opens them for you. He invites you to knock. God wants you to experience and explore every aspect of His kingdom but it has to be through Him and on His terms.

7 03, 2017

Are You Ready?

His Spirit is on you to proclaim His goodness and kindness. When you know your limits and yet still try to go further you are demonstrating true faith. So don’t fear or be worried about the future, you are strong and will get stronger.

If you have had a punishing ordeal, He is your only source of restoration. He is the only source of your joy. Don’t let your thoughts betray you, take them captive and examine them to see if they are the same as His. He wants to give you everything that your heart desires. They should dovetail into the desires of His heart, you will not be able to tell the difference. You can fulfil His calling on your life and you can fulfil your destiny but only in and through Him. There isn’t any other way.

Recognise the difference between achieving something through your own drive and personality and doing it with His anointing. It can be very difficult to distinguish between them. You may find yourself somewhere He never told you to be. If you do then simply turn around and look for Him. Follow Him, yield to Him and acknowledge Him in all you do and He will take you back to the path.

Don’t be surprised if you go through difficult times. Accept it. If He is putting His finger on a poor attitude don’t justify it, repent. He will show you where your attitude is poor. That process is quite uncomfortable. He knows what He is doing, He has the manufacturers manual so He understands you like no-one else ever could. Your emotions, feelings, desires and attitudes are all intertwined like a complex web. He will tease them apart and restore you. You will be free because He is in the business of setting people free.

The very words He has spoken into your heart will release you. You need to find out what He has called you to. Your identity is not based on what you do but on who you are. That is buried deep and is part of His creative design. He wants to unravel the beauty of it before your very eyes.

You will probably never feel truly ready but that is just the way He likes it. You are on a journey which will take you on strange paths. This journey will never cease all the days of your life. Keep drawing closer to Him. Surrender your previous life and allow Him to clothe you with your new life.

6 03, 2017

His heart for you

Do you know His heart? The extent of His love for you? It never ceases, never runs out, always, always loves you. Never forget that His love is always for you. The heart of God was laid bare on the cross when His son was crucified. Do you know the depth of Jesus’ love for you?

Do you feel that time is passing you by? If so use the time you do have wisely. There is a reason for what is happening to you now. It requires a good response. The Holy Spirit is perfectly placed to help you make good decisions. Don’t get drawn into what others are doing. Make it your priority to seek Him for yourself. He is preparing you for your future and the moment is fast approaching. He wants you ready. Strengthen yourself daily.

If He has spoken to you either through the still small voice or through a prophetic word, heed it. Whatever ever He has planned for you get yourself ready. Be ready because you don’t know either the time or the place. Don’t assume anything.

The greatest challenge you face is when nothing is happening. At those times it is quite understandable to get frustrated and be impatient. This can lead to doubt and striving. Don’t give any opportunity for them to grow, they all feed off each other. The enemy wants to thwart you and he will try to throw you off balance. Be still and be ready, wait on Him, listen to Him. Listen to the voice of His Spirit. When you can, drink deep from that well you will need all His sustenance.

When you follow Him don’t be surprised when people are mystified by your decisions you make. What you see may be at different to what others hear and see. He will show you a glimpse of your future in Him and the process is preparing you for that time.

Some people are just responding to the here and now and are being tossed around in a storm of circumstances and feelings. Speak to the storm and still it, so that others can see the coming wave of His Spirit. It is not just a demonstration of His power but a demonstration of His love and His heart.

It will be a wave of passion, with a depth and conviction yet unseen. The desire to sin will evaporate because your eyes will turn to Him and you will find yourself running into His welcome embrace.

5 03, 2017

Start here, start now

Whatever He has given you to do, now is the time to do it. If you are waiting for Him, it is more likely He is waiting for you. Don’t dither, just do. Be devoted to one purpose. He sees your heart, He sees your desires and they will please Him when yielded to Him. He has been waiting a long time for you to turn your affection to Him. When you do you become ready to receive more of His power. So rest in Him, believe in Him and believe in yourself. Believe the authority He has given you. You are no longer to be tossed to and fro by shifting ideas.

Your feet are firmly on solid ground. Don’t let what others think about you undermine what He thinks about you. It is more important what He says about you than what others may say about you. Think His thoughts for His passion is for you. He loves spending time with you. You are a joy and a delight to Him and you need to recognise it and believe it. See Him in others and they will start to see Him in themselves. People will listen and open up if they know they are accepted and loved. Accept people especially when they have messed up.

If you ask Him to speak to you don’t be afraid of what He may say. Don’t dismiss what He thinks about you. Don’t be afraid to be real and honest because you fear rejection. You may be afraid what would happen if anyone, especially God, ever found out what you were really like. Believe me He already know and if He is gracious enough to love you so should you love yourself and others with a genuine love.

You cannot believe in others if you cannot believe in yourself. If you believe in Him and He believes in you, then balance the equation, believe in yourself. Whether you are acutely aware of your limitations or blissfully unaware, He will turn them into a strength in such a way that you could never do. He knows you so well. What you thought was impossible, is possible. What you thought had you written off, is instead, the promise of hope.

Seek Him first and foremost. Do not be a slave to your work or ministry no matter how noble. Don’t live for others but only live for Him. Whatever you ask Him for He will give you more. Stay close to Him, seek Him and never stop. He has wonderful plans which have already been put into action. He has sent His angels ahead of you, so declare what He has given you and give the angels something to work with. Your words have power and they have life.

4 03, 2017

Believe in Yourself

As you grow in your faith you will believe not just in Him but in yourself as well. You will grow stronger as you see yourself as He sees you. This is no idle notion but an invitation to believe in better. Whereas before you may have only seen lack or failure now you will see what your inheritance looks like. The possibility that you cannot really fail, where failure is a fallacy.

Powerlessness in circumstances is not the norm nor to be excused as ‘just life’. It is possible that in all and every situation to experience the full power of the kingdom. At this moment He may be giving you an opportunity to see it in action. He has given you a measure of authority. It is in your hands and in your mouth. So stretch out your hand and command blessing in any situation or circumstance, do this every day and see if it doesn’t start to change your world around you.

Many have been called by Him but have been too busy or distracted to reply. Answer His call. It feels risky when you don’t fully see or understand everything about the kingdom. Yet He still expects you to step out in faith believing what He has said is absolutely true. He doesn’t see it as a risk because from His viewpoint He sees it all and isn’t worried. You have so much to learn about Him, we all do. You have just as much to learn about yourself. I would encourage you to believe in yourself, He does.

Not doubting yourself because to do that is to doubt Him. If you doubt Him then you have no hope. It is vital to get to know and understand Him as if nothing else mattered, simply because, nothing else does. He will not hide Himself from you. He said ‘ask and it will be given to you, knock and the door will be opened and seek and you will find it’. These are not idle words or empty promises. They are for you from Him but it is up to you how much you knock, how long you keep seeking and what you keep asking for.

You will not insult Him by asking Him questions. To do so is not questioning His judgement. He is not easily offended like you and me. He wants you to enjoy Him and He wants that more than anything else. If church is an inconvenience, a duty or something to endure then you are missing out on so much. He is offering a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week relationship. He even speaks to you when you are asleep.

He prays that your eyes will be opened. That you may see what you already have in Him: the greatest blessings, a sense of purpose and being overwhelmed with the sheer joy of your salvation. Make yourself hungry for it, don’t be afraid of disappointment. Let others become jealous when they see how much you have so that they too will want it. You were meant to experience all the benefits of His kingdom here, today, starting now.

2 03, 2017

The Heavenly Realm

The Heavenly realm is real. You may sometimes call it the spiritual or supernatural realm. It is more real than what you can see, touch, taste, smell or hear. Because you have always lived in the physical realm you struggle to understand this mysterious spiritual realm. That is ok. Understanding it is a challenge let alone seeing it or interact with it. The physical realm came out of the spiritual realm. The physical realm was created by The Holy Spirit. Although you don’t think you can see the supernatural realm you are in it and part of it. You interact with it every day whether you are aware of it or not. You can sense or feel its affect on yourself and others.

There is a doorway to the spiritual realm. To open that door you need to knock. You need to seek. You need to ask. God’s desire is for that door to open for you. There are conditions, you have to be passionate and you have to be hungry. This is a personal decision. This is a lifelong process stemming from a deep desire to know God above everything and everyone else. The key that opens the door is absolute surrender to Him. A willingness to seek Him with all your heart. It is for you and it is for everyone here and now. It is for you no matter what your background, experience, or understanding. If you think you know it all, understand it all or seen it all, trust me you haven’t. There is so much more He wants to show you.

He is not making it deliberately difficult for you to enter. Neither does He leave the door wide open for you to just wander in and out as you please. Jesus is that door, He is not a door mat. You enter though Him. He is to be worshipped with every once of your being. He paid the greatest price for you with His blood on the cross. This was no small thing, so don’t treat it with contempt. He gives you an invitation to enter. Everyone gets an invitation but very few take up His offer. Don’t be content with what you can see, feel and touch, it may feel safe, it may feel more secure but He is the only one that truly matters and He is the Creator of it all.

10 01, 2017

Following Jesus

When you follow Jesus you never get lost even if you have no idea where you are or where you are going.

6 01, 2017

Let Him

“You are going to be an inspiration to many”

When God speaks to you He may well have strong words for you but they are intended to bring you closer to Him not condemn you. His motives behind the words are pure love. At times when He has told me off there was no condemnation in His voice. I just had a deep sense that He knew I was better than that and He didn’t want me to miss out. Firstly you need to get to the place where you aren’t performing for Him but enjoying Him.

If you are performing for Him or anyone else then I have a word for you. STOP IT. Stop striving to get it right, stop striving to create your own utopia and instead just do what is on His heart. Give Him your time, give Him your attention. Listen what He has to say, whatever that looks like to you. I sit and write down what He says but it will be different for you.

Go to a place where you enjoy Him before you do anything for Him. It will change your life and change it for the good. He just loves to spend time with you and talk to you.

You may be one of those who can see all the faults, yours and others and get frustrated. People seem to be making a hash of everything and you wonder why they behave the way they do and say the things they say. You may be able to discern the problem and you believe you have the solution, if only everyone would listen to you. Stop trying to fix the problem, He is the solution and He may call on you to be part of the solution or He may not.

It might be that you are part of the problem, just let Him be God in every situation and be ready to be part of the solution.

He wants you to bring His life to His church, not your church, His church. You are going to have to do it His way not your way. The church is the complete expression of Him, not a denomination or stream, not a particular building or group of individuals. Yet it is made up of churches, each expressing a particular facet of God for the benefit of everyone. You may not be one of the church leaders but you could be the most influential person there when you put yourself in His hands.

You need to be willing to change, this is a continuous process not a one off event. He will know if you mean it. As you listen to the Holy Spirit He will help you and show you. You are going to be an inspiration to many. You will embody His heart for the church and in so doing the world will see what a great God we have. Just let Him do it, for He takes such great delight in you.